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Technology and Product

Plug-and-Play Integration

Our platform's hallmark feature, allowing for effortless integration of both existing and emerging blockchains, eliminating the need for extensive engineering efforts.

ChainCross SDK

A comprehensive suite of tools, libraries, and documentation, available in multiple programming languages, designed to streamline the development of cross-chain applications.

Cross-Chain Routing

Our system akin to the internet's routing protocols, enabling efficient discovery and connection across different blockchain networks.

ChainCross APIs

RESTful APIs that provide a simplified interface for interacting with various blockchain networks, making cross-chain operations as straightforward as HTTP requests.

Upgradability Support

Our forward-thinking approach ensures that ChainCross evolves in tandem with the blockchains it connects, without compromising interoperability.

Cross-Chain Liquidity Aggregation

A feature enabling applications to tap into a global pool of liquidity, thereby broadening user access and enriching the trading ecosystem.

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